Peter Sutcliffe, a serial killer known as the "Yorkshire butcher", died in hospital on November 13 in England.

Before his death, Sutcliffe was serving a life sentence at the Frankland Prison in Durham County, North East England, England.

Peter Sutcliffe, a serial killer known as the "Yorkshire Butcher"Peter Sutcliffe, a serial killer known as the "Yorkshire Butcher"

Sutcliffe received 20 life sentences for the murder of 13 women across the North of England in the late 1970s.

On November 13, Sutcliffe died at North Durham University Hospital, 5 kilometers from the prison.

Two weeks ago, the 74-year-old inmate returned to prison after receiving treatment for suspected heart attack. After that, he had to return to hospital because he was positive for corona virus. However, the assassin refused to be treated.

Sutcliffe's health was very poor. This prisoner also suffered from obesity and diabetes.

Sutcliffe's victims, between the ages of 16 and 47, were murdered in different parts of the UK between 1975-1980.

He was released several times after being questioned by police because officers repeatedly missed clues.

Peter Sutcliffe's Victims

Sutcliffe's detailed confession lasted 24 hours. At the time of confession, Sutcliffe had asked to bring his wife Sonia to the station to tell herself she was the killer.

Sutcliffe was put on trial at the Old Bailey criminal court (in London) in May 1981. There, he said he was led by God to kill sex workers.

Richard McCann, the son of one of the first victims, says Sutcliffe ruined a lot of his lives. "He will become a figure of the twentieth century whose name is on par with Hitler," McCann said.