The blue sea creature shaped like a miniature version of the dragon in the legend was discovered by an old lady on the coast in the South African capital Cape Town.

"Green Dragon" has the scientific name Glaucus atlanticus is a species of small sea slug. This rare animal is known as "the most beautiful killer in the ocean" because of the eye-catching blue color on the body and possesses deadly venom.

The dangerous "green dragon" monster was discovered by Mrs. Wagener
The dangerous "green dragon" monster was discovered by Mrs. Wagener

Typical symptoms of stings from these "green dragons" include nausea, burning pain and acute allergic contact dermatitis.

Maria Wagener, who often walks on the coast to help the starfish washed ashore back to the water, discovered a large number of these "blue dragons" on the beach in the capital Cape Town of South Africa.

She was lucky to escape death because her intuition told her to keep her distance from the blue eye-catching creature above.

"I've lived near this beach for most of my life, but I've never come across this strange creature," said Ms. Wagener.

She also estimated to have seen about 20 blue-sea slugs scattered along the coast, but said "there may be more".

According to Wagener, the sea snails are still alive and are more likely to "bring them back to sea". "This creature looks a bit like a sea scorpion, quite small, about 2-3 cm in length, the top is green and the bottom is white. It is not difficult to detect them on white sand," Ms. Wagener said. more.

Blue sea slugs use color for camouflage, with a blue underside - to blend in with seawater and white to avoid detection in sunlight.

"Green Dragon" is hermaphrodite, when it comes to the breeding season, both individuals participating in the mating will lay eggs.