North Korea can test rockets, even nuclear weapons, to send a message to Joe Biden's new administration, just as it did with two previous US presidents.

Kim Jong Un is among world leaders who have not yet acknowledged Joe Biden's victory, although Chinese President Xi Jinping - a key North Korean ally - congratulates the president on his election in the middle of the week. this.

The giant ICBM has just been revealed by Pyongyang during the October parade
The giant ICBM has just been revealed by Pyongyang during the October parade

The US-North Korean relationship in the coming time may be worse than the administration of former President Barack Obama, when Washington implemented a policy of "strategic patience" towards North Korea until the country stopped provoking.

Over the years, however, Pyongyang has regularly conducted missile and nuclear weapons tests, becoming an increasingly evident threat to the United States.

Welcoming Mr. Biden with the new generation 'monster' rocket?

"Anyone who takes power in the White House is unlikely to change Pyongyang's behavior or strategy with the United States. Nuclear weapons have always been the core of North Korea's power. It has proven to be effective for decades, ”said Soo Kim, a policy analyst at RAND Group (the defense advisory organization for the Pentagon).

North Korea detects the Obama administration by launching long-range missiles and nuclear tests just months after the inauguration of the 44th US president in early 2009.

When President Trump entered the White House, North Korea "greeted" with a series of missile launches. The culmination of the November 2017 intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) test. This is the type of ICBM that experts believe can bring nuclear warheads to the US.

President-elect Biden could also be greeted with a new ICBM test, according to Bloomberg.

This is the kind that Pyongyang introduced during its October parade. "This missile is a monster," said Melissa Hanham, deputy director of the Open Nuclear Network.

Experts say that the new North Korean missile seems to be designed based on the Hwasong-15, which is the ICBM capable of carrying nuclear warheads and reaching the longest range in the country's arsenal.

Leader Kim seems to be both hopeful and worried about the new administration in America
Leader Kim seems to be both hopeful and worried about the new administration in America

“Pyongyang needs to test the new ICBM to prove it is reliable in the eyes of its opponent. North Korea just needs its ICBM accurate enough to deter the US, ”Hanham said.

North Korea has always viewed nuclear weapons as a national treasure, helping to prevent a military attack from the United States.

Under Mr. Trump, the US President had two direct contact with Kim Jong Un. But the North Korean leader refused to denuclearize the Korean peninsula before Pyongyang could receive any rewards.

The hesitation of Pyongyang

In another move, the Wall Street Journal, citing South Korean intelligence sources, said Kim Jong Un asked government officials to refrain from provoking the US. That shows Pyongyang is more cautious about the upcoming Biden administration.

The source said Pyongyang said negotiations with the Biden-elected presidential administration would be more difficult than President Trump. Mr. Biden's government is more likely to pursue traditional discussion, through level-to-level dialogues.

This takes longer to reach agreement. It contrasts with President Trump's direct, quick approach.

During the election process, Mr. Biden repeatedly stressed that he would apply a policy of "principled diplomacy" with Pyongyang. Mr. Biden said he only met the North Korean leader if Kim Jong Un promised in advance that he would reduce his nuclear arsenal.

The president-elect also criticized face-to-face meetings between the two US-North Korean leaders, saying that Trump has failed to halt Pyongyang's nuclear weapons development.

"North Korea is showing both hope and concern," said Kim Byung Kee, lawmaker on the National Intelligence Committee of Korea. South Korean officials commented that Pyongyang is trying to keep the door open for another summit with the US.

“Pyongyang will be very upset if the Biden administration reinstates the policy of 'strategic patience' from the Obama era. The US will almost ignore North Korea until Pyongyang stops provoking and developing nuclear weapons, ”said lawmaker Kim.

From here until the inauguration of the new US president, Congressman Kim said that Pyongyang will closely monitor the nominees for the national security team in the Biden administration.

Meanwhile, some former South Korean security officials have argued that Pyongyang's reluctance to face the Biden government is simply due to domestic difficulties, such as an epidemic or a declining economy.