The materials most loved by office women, especially women in their 30s and 40s, are chiffon, silk and satin. Not only because of the luxurious and feminine beauty they bring to the wearer, but also because they create a soft, comfortable and cool feeling when worn. Therefore, these materials are always on the priority list every summer.

Coordinate with blockheels, silk and satin shoes for a whole week of trendy summer charm

Of course, because of the passionate love of women, they often fill their closets with costumes with this material. The most popular are probably silk tank tops or soft satin skirts. Today, let's see how to combine 9 simple pieces with silk and satin inspiration for the whole week.


The simplest combination is a silk shirt with fabric pants. Cream sleeveless top with white fabric pants and black leather block heels. They create a gentle, harmonious but extremely elegant overall. Very suitable to follow the girls to the office in the hot first days of the week.


Satin skirts with bright, prominent colors such as red, pink or turquoise will be the ideal suggestion for you to have a luxurious and seductive look. With this dress, all you need is a pair of cream or black platforms depending on the color of the dress, combined with a light leather handbag with a bit of style, so you have a real woman's outfit right away. You can wear it to work or go to a party as you like.


Textured silk shorts are a perfect suggestion for trendy girls this summer, they have a luxurious, youthful look that is still very elegant. Then why don't you try combining them with a silk sleeveless shirt? Surely, you will find yourself fresher and more stylish short.


If a simple skirt with platform shoes is the ideal combination for chic style, then just add a bright silk vest with blockheels and crossbody bag, and you're done. All F5 this dress has a modern style and has a bit of personality.


Still the combination of silk sleeveless shirt and textured shorts, this time, you combine it with a white gilet shirt and blockheels shoes. All create a youthful appearance and extremely personality.